About Us
    • 2015
      Achieve volume production of online monitoring system, complete the breakthrough in power market.
    • 2013
      Set foot in online monitoring system of high voltage transmission power line, research and develop ground wire induction power taking device (first one in China), and breakthrough the industry bottleneck in the same year.
      Win the 500kV transmission power line OPGW bid of 700km more project of PEA in Thailand in December.
    • 2012
      Huiyuan air blown minicable business division was set up in January, which is focusing on communication technical services, and provide whole communication engineering construction, maintenance and other value added services for communication carriers.
    • 2011
      Won the bid of second phase OPGW project of ZESCO in Zambia in January after the first phase in 2006, the totally more than 2500km of OPGW and ADSS supplied. In the meantime, ZESCO sent two groups of experts to Chengdu for factory inspection and engineering training.
    • 2009
      Huiyuan researched and developed new type of air blown cable and started to export to Europe. Then Huiyuan became the leader of industry in domestic.

    • 2006
      Won the bid of first phase OPGW project of ZESCO in Zambia in September with ZTE, and established foundation for the strategic target of exporting with powerful partners.
    • 2005
      Huiyuan firstly introduced the joint stock system in Sichuan.
    • 2003
      Huiyuan researched and developed 1440 core super high count stranding optical fiber ribbon cable and 432 core central tube optical fiber ribbon cable. And pass the test of Industry and Information Ministry in the same year, got the certificate in 2004.
      In July, Huiyuan got the national patent of steel wire armored stranding optical fiber cable.
      In September, Huiyuan got the national patent of combined fiber ribbon optical fiber cable.
      In July, Huiyuan set up JV in Bangkok, Thailand and became the first optical fiber cable company who establish factory on overseas in China. The capacity of the JV reaches 18000 cable km, 500000 fiber km. The JV develop main business in Thailand covering other nations in Southeast Asia as well.
    • 2002
      Huiyuan completed backdoor listing by means of assets reorganization in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and changed the name to Sichuan Huiyuan Optical Communications Joint Stock Co., Ltd. (Stock code 000586)
      Huiyuan imported the whole OPGW technology of Japan Fujikura and set up Sichuan Huiyaun Electric Power Optical Cable Co., Ltd., started to engage in developing and production of OPGW and ADSS.
      In the same year, Huiyuan announced to set up a JV in Thailand in order to develop the marketing of overseas specially in Southeast Asia.
    • 2001
      Huiyuan won China Patent Gold Award for SZ stranding technology of high fiber count ribbon cable issued by state Intellectual Property Office and World Intellectual Property Office in December.
    • 2000
      Huiyuan won National Torch Plan Project Certificate for ADSS technology issued by Ministry of Science and Technology in April, and won Technical Innovation Certificate of Scientific and Technological Enterprises for OPGW technology issued by Ministry of Science and Technology in this year.
    • 1999
      Huiyuan ADSS passed the New product Certification of the Ministry of Information Industry in July.
    • 1998.12
      Huiyuan won State Patent (Patent No.: ZL 98249821.7) of SZ Stranding Technology for High Fiber Count Ribbon Cable in December. This technology is the first one in the world.
    • 1996
      Huiyuan researched and developed ADSS in domestic first, and achieved sales in the same year.
    • 1993.11
      Huiyuan researched and developed Central Tube Irregular Armored Optical Fiber Cable and won State Patent in November.
    • 1992
      Sichuan Huiyuan Optical Fiber Cable Factory set up in Chengdu Sichuan.